How to Clean Your Computer Screen

You can tell right away when your monitor is dirty. Whether you have a desktop PC or a Laptop, your monitor usually shows all kinds of fingerprints, marks and dust. 

However, you need to be very careful when cleaning your computer screen, because its surface and inside components can be at risk if you use the wrong materials or techniques. 

Let's read how to clean and maintain your PC or laptop screen! 

Grab the Right Supplies First

For applying your cleaning agent, cloths or towels are the best option. Microfiber is able to absorb more efficiently both liquids and residues of dust. 

Now, for the cleaning product per se, you'll only require water. At most, you can add a little bit of eyeglass cleaner. 

You can also grab white vinegar for cleaning the back of your screen (not the front!). It's best to mix your white vinegar into a 1 part vinegar, 1 part water solution.

Cleaning Your Monitor: What (Not!) to Do

The cleaning technique is fairly easy. You'll need to be careful about what NOT to do. Don't use products containing bleach, soap or ammonia. And don't spray liquids on the surface!

Always apply the cleaning agent on the cloth first. Wipe your monitor and then wipe dry using a different, clean microfiber cloth.  

The same goes for the back of your screen, which is also important to clean because it collects dust permanently. 

How to Take Care of Your Monitor

Besides cleaning regularly, the worst enemy of your monitor is fingerprints. You can tell straight away when a monitor has fingermarks all over the place. Be careful, especially if you have a laptop because we tend to grab them by the screen, and this is more dangerous than you think and it goes beyond a mere aesthetic issue. 

In fact, research has shown that you shouldn't move your open laptop around at all, so make sure you close the lid and change the computer to hibernation or standby. Then, you are free to move it wherever you like. This will prevent both hardware and software issues. 

Dust is also a common problem. This one is harder to avoid because your pc naturally attracts dust thanks to static electricity. 

Too Many Steps? Hire a Professional Service

Computers are sometimes delicate and you might need a helping hand that cleans them properly. Remember you can hire Dallas Maids and we'll take care of your computer (and the rest of your home!). Now, if you live in the Frisco area, you can also hire our services! Learn more here.

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